When a garage is legally converted to a separate tenancy, it has the potential to add significant value to your property and boost your income streams. However unconsented work can lead to receiving from Council a ‘Notice to Fix’ form (NTF), which could prove very costly alone, but also lead to fines under the Tenancy Law; potentially adding the prospect of having to repay rent paid by the tenant.


In the past it was challengeable to apply Tenancy Law to prosecute landlords who rent out premises that are unlawful for residential purposes, such as garages and sleep-outs, which don’t meet minimum requirements for renting because unlawful premisses weren't covered by Tenancy Law. The new tenancy legislation which has passed on 30 July 2019 now gives the Tenancy Tribunal full jurisdiction over such premisses, making prosecution much easier.

Contact us to discuss your situation and your options to legalise your conversion today.




  • Your conversion is legal;

  • Peace of mind dealing with tenants;

  • Potential increase in rent revenue;

  • When selling – having a legal conversion can add value and make your property far more attractive to buyers.


Key features:


  • All documents prepared by certified specialists;

  • All work is completed by certified tradesmen.




  • Building consent required;

  • Not all conversions can be legalised;

  • Auckland City Council does not have a separate category for granny flats or minor dwelling units. Any flat with a kitchen is considered to be a second household unit, even if it is attached to the existing house.