• ​​Add space to your home

  • Boost your income streams

  • Increase the value of your property 

  • Retire happy


We offer a Turn-Key Solution to convert an ordinary Double Garage into a Modern Studio with Sunny Living Room, Contemporary Kitchen, Cozy Bedroom and Stylish Bathroom.


Add space to your home.

A garage conversion might fit you just right when you and your family have outgrown your current home, but don't want to move your house leaving the neighbourhood you love. A Garage Conversion could also be the most cost-effective solution instead of building a brand new extension. The infrastructure is already in place and just needs to be updated and renovated instead of being constructed entirely from scratch.

Boost your income streams.

For those who want to increase their income streams, a legal, modern studio in Auckland can produce a healthy weekly return. With Auckland rental real estate market struggle to provide a decent rental yield, an investment in your existing house might bring you that needed cash you were dreamed about. You can rent it out or elect to move into the Studio and get even higher return renting out the main house.

Increase the value of your property.

When a garage is converted legally, complies with modern Healthy Homes Standards, smart and modern it has the high potential to add significant value to your property as it provides many more uses for prospective buyers who are willing to pay more for a correctly completed and high-quality conversion.  

If you would like to discuss your options of getting your garage converted please request our FREE visit.


It is a complex task, but we will make it easy for you.

Turn-Key Solution:

To convert a Garage into a Studio as a separate tenancy is a substantial renovation and there are many considerations that need to be taken into account, including council consents, architectural draughtings, specialist engineers, dealing with many different tradies and LBP builders to bring the garage conversion up to building code. It could be a complicated process with lots of things to consider and lots of tradies to deal with. We manage the whole process and have a system that gets you out of clatter and makes a whole process easy for you. From an initial feasibility inspection and first drawings to the final report, you have a clear view of what's going on.



A hassle-free payment:

Our job is to ensure that you are happy with your Garage Conversion, it looks fantastic as planned, and is delivered on time and on budget. In addition to normal pay-as-you-go Contracts, we have developed the Hassle-Free option, which would you take it allows you to secure your money till the moment you got your CCC. With the Hassle-Free option, you secure a finished contract with an initial payment in the vicinity only 10% of a total budget with rest, with an exception of Architectural costs and Council's fees, is paid only on CCC issuing by the Council.

A well-balanced finish options:

With us, you can take advantage of our turn-key finishing options. We worked with designers, product suppliers, and installers and come up with two great options on the finishing materials. The Tenants-Friendly option is budget-oriented, but still, a robust option with low maintenance in mind.  The Upmarket option is designed for a time when a better finish is desired to achieve a higher rental price. Alternatively, you can choose this option if you decide to live in a studio yourself.